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If you or a loved one have suffered injury, illness, or disease as a result of an error by a healthcare professional, our specialist medical negligence solicitors have the experience, expertise and approach necessary to assist.  Our team, managed by Avril Scally who herself has worked in this field for over 15 years, put the care and support of their clients at the heart of everything they do.  Over this time, we have seen at first hand the devastating impacts of medical negligence, both for the individual and their family.  Many are left dealing with deep feelings of anger, fear, worry, and uncertainty, and need a great deal of support and guidance at what is often the most difficult time of their lives.  

We understand the ongoing impact of medical negligence

Medical mistakes can lead to serious and life-long health consequences which may necessitate ongoing care, therapy, specialist equipment, home modifications, or other specialist health services.  When choosing a medical negligence solicitor, it is important to ensure they understand the practical realities of such injuries in order to compile a claim that takes into account all of your needs, and those of your loved ones.  

If the person who has been injured due to medical negligence is unable to work, or unable to care for their family as they once did, this can have considerable consequences for those left dealing with the situation.  In these cases, it is vital to have representation which seeks to remedy the matter as fully as possible.  This takes experience, patience, empathy, and legal expertise – all qualities possessed by Lavelle Partners medical negligence solicitors.

We can manage medical negligence claims in a range of settings

Medical negligence does not always occur in traditional healthcare settings.  If you have been injured due to the actions (or inaction) of an allied health professional, dentist, dental technician, cosmetic treatment provider, chiropractor, psychologist or any other individual providing physical or mental healthrelated services, you may be able to bring a claim against them.

We will listen to discover your objectives

In many cases, those who seek our services are driven to do so by the desire to ensure the actions that led to their injury can never be repeated.  By making a claim against a healthcare provider who has been negligent, the evidence provided can be used as a basis for preventing any recurrence.  

The reality of medical injuries is that patients are often left worse off in terms of their mental and physical well-being, as well as their financial position.  In some cases, families are left managing without a regular income due to the injured person being unable to work, in addition to footing the bill for travel, accommodation, care, additional treatment and therapy, specialist equipment, and home modifications to accommodate their day to day needs.  At a time of considerable emotional worry, money concerns only add to the strain felt.  

What will a claim for medical negligence cover?

Claims may be brought for two main types of damages, namely:

General damages: this is to cover physical and mental pain and suffering, with the amount depending on the precise type and extent of injury.

Special damages:  This covers costs resulting from the injury.  This includes expenses already incurred, such as transport, accommodation, and medical treatment, and expected future costs including ongoing care.  

Can I bring a claim for medical negligence?

Not all cases of medical error will be treated as medical negligence.  To bring a claim for medical negligence of any type, it will be necessary to provide evidence that:

  • The medical care you received was below a satisfactory standard (i.e. that another medical professional in the same role acting with reasonable care would not have made the same error), and;
  • This negligence caused you damage or injury.  

To prove your case, we will compile evidence including medical records, and seek expert medical opinion.  

How Lavelle Partners Medical Negligence Solicitors can assist you in bringing a claim

  • Lavelle Partners have successfully managed many cases of injury or disease caused by medical negligence.
  • Our personal injury team, headed by partner, Avril Scally, who herself has over 15 years’ experience in medical negligence claims, place client care at the centre of everything they do.
  • From the first moment you speak to one of our solicitors, we will listen to your case carefully and with empathy and will only recommend advancing your case if we believe you have a valid case.
  • We have both the legal expertise and understanding of the real-life challenges faced by individuals and their families following such events.  
  • Our solicitors will manage the process entirely on your behalf; compiling the information necessary for your case, including medical notes and managing the submission of your medical negligence claim.   

By allowing us to handle your claim on your behalf, you can focus on what is most important, your recovery and care, or that of your family member or loved one.

For further information on medical negligence claims in Ireland, please contact Lavelle Partners in confidence on (01) 644 5800 or email Avril Scally at [email protected]

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