Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

Our approach to business

Lavelle is committed to doing business ethically and ensuring that the firm impacts positively on the communities in which we do business and the environment in which we live.

We strive to apply the highest standards of integrity in all our dealings and to operate at all times within legal and regulatory boundaries. We also recognise the importance of wider social, ethical and environmental considerations and we factor these into our business decisions.


As a firm, we recognise our duty to future generations and undertake to go about our business activities in a manner that supports the environment and is not harmful to our surroundings or planet.

The firm was nominated for an Irish Green Award at the Irish Property Awards in November 2008. We take our responsibility to the environment very seriously and this was taken into consideration when selecting our current offices.

Our headed paper and business cards are made from high quality recycled paper and are also recyclable.

Charity & Pro Bono

We also support a number of charities and pro bono initiatives. We also encourage staff to participate in raising money for charities of their choice.

The firm is proud to support the Welcome Home charity through making charitable donations and through organising staff fundraising

Welcome Home Charity

Lavelle is also participating in the Kanchi 500 programme, which is an initiative which promotes the inclusion of people with disabilities in business.

Kanchi 100

We have committed to make at least one change in how we operate as a firm, in order to be more inclusive of people with disabilities.