Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is an elective operation that alters or enhances a part of your face or body that you want to change.

In Ireland, it is an area of medicine which lacks proper regulation and there is no formal system for dealing with botched cosmetic surgery. At present there are private clinics operating unregulated because there is no process to regulate them.

Cosmetic surgery can be positive but when things go wrong they can go very wrong.The main risks of aesthetic plastic surgery operations include rejection of implants, sensory change in or around the operation area, decolourisation of the skin, tissue necrosis, asymmetry, infection, formation of bad scar tissue, and allergic reactions to the aesthetic.

If a patient gets an unsatisfactory result, it’s up to them and their GP to get a referral to another practitioner to see if anything can be done. Patients with acute problems have ended up in the public health service because there wasn’t adequate post-operative follow-up.

In advance of performing a cosmetic procedure, surgeons are required to obtain a patient’s informed consent. A cosmetic surgeon should obtain the patient’s consent prior to surgery and ensure that the patient has sufficient time and information to make an informed decision. The specific timing and duration of the discussion should take into account the complexity and risks of the proposed procedure. A patient’s consent should not be taken in the anaesthetic room.

If a surgeon fails to inform a patient of the risks involved with a surgical procedure or does not obtain their informed consent, it may result in a claim for medical negligence if a procedure has been negligently carried out.

Our experienced Medical Negligence Solicitors have acted for clients who experienced complications following undergoing cosmetic procedures. The most common cases we deal with are complications arising out of breast surgery, scar tissue,

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