International Partnerships

International Partnerships


Lavelle is the Irish partner of Consulegis, an international association principally comprising independent law firms, but also including some accountants, tax consultants and related professional advisors.

Founded in Germany, Consulegis now has a network which consists of 91 firms with more than 140 law offices in 36 countries worldwide. In recent years, the organisation has grown rapidly, firstly expanding within Europe and then extending to include members from the other continents.

The Consulegis association is based on the principle that it is desirable, and beneficial for clients that their professional advisors have access to a cohesive highly professional international network of like-minded firms to call on when doing international business. Members are drawn from medium sized practices that satisfy the criteria of being independent, medium-sized, commercially minded and possessing the highest professional standards.

As members of Consulegis, Lavelle has established strong links in Europe and elsewhere for the referral of work. Our practice has developed expertise in both EU and international legal matters and we have a growing international client base. We also keep our Irish clients advised on relevant developments in international law, particularly in the area of EU legislation.

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